Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sorry I'm So Flaky / Recent NY Happenings

Okay, okay. I know it's been a while. And for that, I apologize. As my mom informed me via Facebook, all of you adoring fans are awaiting this post.

Blogspot says I last posted on July 7th. Since then, I have slept a lot, read a lot, went to the beach, and moved back to New York. Yes, Little Bitty is back in the city! I've done quite a lot since being back, which I will commence to recap here.

I've seen lots of plays!

First was Clybourne Park. I went with one of my BFFs, Kirk, who just moved to NYC! He had already seen the play (he's quite the theater buff), and knowing that I would love it, insisted that I see it, too.

It was fantastic! Thought-provoking, fresh, hilarious, and heartbreaking. All at the same time.

Next was Into the Woods in Central Park! Getting tickets to Shakespeare (or in this case, Sondheim) in the Park is pretty difficult. Nevertheless, Kirk (see, told you he was a theater buff) called me one day at 12:58 pm, just two minutes before the daily drawing for tickets to the show, and told me to enter. I secured my entry with 30 seconds to spare. And I won! On my first try, too. (I might add that Kirk had been entering every day for the past week and I won on my first time, so I'm just a little bit luckier than him...)
Don't you miss seeing Penelope on SNL this season? At least you have me to pretend to be better than everyone else & twirl my hair. It's almost the same thing.
The lucky winning tickets!

The beautiful set

The show was fantastic! Amy Adams was great! As was Sarah Stiles as Little Red Riding Hood.

and finally...Bring It On: The Musical.
Yup. It's a thing. AND I SAW IT. My BFF Josh was coming to visit New York (FOR THE FIRST TIME!) and I knew that he of all people would be the only one that would understand my want need to see this show.

It was nothing like everyone's favorite early-aughts quotable pre-Serious Actress Kirsten Dunst cheerleading movie. BUT IT WAS AWESOME. How do they do those stunts?! How do they change costumes so quickly?! I'll never know.

Some other pictures from Josh's trip:

One of my favorite fall activities in NYC is Fashion's Night Out! FNO is a worldwide event where stores stay open late and have raffles and parties and things. To me, Fashion's Night Out is an excuse to look fancy and get free things. My bestie/roommate Eliana, her sister Sara, and I decided spur-of-the-moment to head out into SoHo to see what we could see. Plus, Eliana heard there were free cupcakes.

Sara & Eliana waiting for free cupcakes. 
Eliana & yours truly.
the site of free cupcakes!
my cupcake! red velvet <3
the cupcakes of The Sisters B.
my ~fashionable~ outfit 

Aside from the suffocating crowds, FNO was a resounding success. Any night that involves free cupcakes is a resounding success, though, isn't it?

AND I almost forgot one important update!! I FINALLY OWN COWBOY BOOTS. One of my besties, Kacie (owner of Rowdy Maui!), is getting married in December and she's gonna have the most adorable country chic wedding! And I'm lucky enough to get to be a bridesmaid! Us bridesmaids are wearing cowboy boots with our dresses. I have been wanting some cowboy boots forever, and this was the perfect excuse to get me a pair. Can I just say that I have been ROCKING them around NYC? They're my new favorite way to represent my homeland out here in the concrete jungle. Mix one signature Texan look with infamous New York attitude (really, though, I treat every sidewalk as my own personal runway when I'm wearing these), and you've got yourself one Little Bitty in the City.

(P.S. Thanks to Kirk and Josh. I stole some of their pictures from Instagram.)