Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hi y'all! It's been a while. I am back in the city for my last semester (!) at NYU, and it's been pretty great so far. We recently got some snow (FINALLY!) and I took full advantage of it because snow, for some reason (i.e. climate change), is much more rare than it was when I first came to New York. I was sick of the stuff by the end of my first semester (and of course, I came home to Texas to a terrible Christmas blizzard that year... yikes on bikes).

How did I take advantage of the snow? Every New Yorker's post-blizzard rite of passage, of course--SLEDDING IN CENTRAL PARK! Hanna fashioned some awesome homemade sleds out of cardboard boxes wrapped in trash bags, complete with a steering mechanism.

Chioma, Eliana, Hanna, and Katie, brandishing both homemade sleds and tons of enthusiasm
I think all of Manhattan (and then some) showed up to take advantage of Winter Storm Nemo's aftermath.
Eliana is thrilled

Hanna's sleds were pretty legit!

Hanna, directing Eliana to procure someone's legit, slightly broken, discarded sled, while holding some other makeshift sleds we found (storage box lid and school lunch tray)

Going to find a better hill!

Portrait of the artist.

Hay bales to keep people from injuring themselves by crashing into trees

Someone discarded Jung in favor of sledding...

After a couple of hours of sledding and getting lost in Central Park, we ate pizza and drank hot chocolate (a winning combination) and headed home for warm showers. It was the best snow day ever!

Some other snow photos I got--still getting used to the Canon 7D that I received from my dad for Christmas. I'm in love with it. 

This is the NYU Law School building. It's the most normal college-y site on campus.

Stay warm, little bitties!