Monday, December 24, 2012

A New York Christmas!

Christmas in NYC is one of my favorite things! From the lights on all the apartments and streetlights to the Christmas tree vendors on every corner, I get so excited to see New Yorkers in the Christmas spirit every year. This year, when I wasn't drowning in finals, I managed to get festive myself. 

The Rockefeller tree--I hear it's a Hurricane Sandy survivor.
Kiara and me in front of the tree. You can KIND OF see us...tourists aren't the greatest photographers.

30 Rock + tree

Some Saks window displays

This whole shelf was all twisty-turny

This was at Bergdorf's, I think?

More Berfdorf's, I believe. These were my favorite!

Another very important part of NYC Christmas is...Hannukkah! My roommate, Eliana, is Jewish, so naturally, it is NECESSARY for us to have a Chrismukkah party. Latkes and Christmas get the best of both worlds!


Even our elephant is in the Christmas spirit :)
We're not allowed to have candles, so we settled for a stick-on menorah.

Even our bathroom had some Hanukkah cheer!

You can't tell, but these cookies were awesome.

The Chrismukkah hostesses! (Kirsten=Chris, Eliana=mukkah)

Some quality photobombs here

Merry Christmas, y'all!!! Hope you and your loved ones have a great holiday. We're supposed to get snow here in sunny Texas... it better not ruin my Christmas plans!!!