Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break!

Hello my little bitties! Guess who just got back from spring break and is writing this post to procrastinate on all the homework she didn't do because she was at home in Texas? YUP, IT'S ME. My spring break was lovely! I got to do some of my favorite home things, such as...

Go to Target! Okay, okay, I know they have Target in NYC, but I am too lazy to schlep to Brooklyn/Harlem. So instead I savor my Target trips when I am in Texas.

Drive The Eep! Don't worry, I have changed my reckless ways--the vehicle was stationary while I took this photo. (Notice how the ceiling of The Eep is literally in tatters... I love it anyway.)

Eat home-cooked food! This is an authentic (and DELICIOUS) breakfast taquito made by Buddy. If you've never had a breakfast taquito, you're missing out. You better get yourself to Texas and have one IMMEDIATELY.

See my friends! The first photo is Brooke and me (we look surprisingly normal). The bottom one is of Sloan...and Josh, lying on the floor.

See my puppy, Miles, who has grown a lot since I last saw him! Over winter break, we got him as a stray. He is my child. (Sorry I don't have any better pictures of him! He is precious, take my word for it.)

And the best part of all--see my family! The first photo is my niece, Sara, and Buddy playing Wii. Buddy's pink controller is pretty cute, isn't it? The bottom two are airport pictures with (as you could probably guess) my mom and Buddy, respectively. My mom missed the "wear orange" memo (we forgave her).

I miss Texas already! Especially since my mom just sent me this photo of tonight's beautiful sunset...

Guess I better get back to that homework. Special thanks to Josh, Brooke, and my mom because I stole some of their pictures for this post.


  1. Sometimes I wish I didn't live so close to Targets. I can't get out of there without spending 50 bucks!

  2. That's how I am when I go home! Although I can at least justify it to myself by saying that I'm not near Target often...