Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Suggested Reading

So, if you're reading this blog, you're either my mother or you're mildly interested in the experience of a small-town Texan in New York. And my mom informed me the other day that when you hit "next blog" at the top of my page, it takes you to assorted mommy blogs, which are great (I mean really, who can resist a good mommy blog? Pastels and chubby cheeks galore!) but completely unrelated to my own blog. If you want to read some good stuff that might be loosely connected to my blog, I've stumbled upon a few good ones in the last few weeks.

This post comes from one of my favorite blogs, Cheeky Cheeky. Carmen is hilarious and adorable, which are the two qualities your blog needs to have to make me love it. She moved from New York back to Ohio, much like I will be moving from New York back to Texas in December (whaaat?). Reading her post is like a message from my future. See item #1 on her list of things she misses about New York:

Food At All Times- When you live in New York, you tend to take for granted the fact that you can get thai food delivered to your apartment at 3AM any night of the week. You can also get liquor delivered to your office (I srsly did this ALL the time. Ooops?) Ohio doesn't work like that. We've got delivery pizza... and that's about it. Oh, and they stop delivering at like 10pm. If you've got the munchies late at night, you have to get your ass up and make food in this foreign land called a "kitchen." THAT'S NOT LIVING, MY FRIENDS! Not only that, but all this food that you can get at all times in New York is DELICIOUS. Some of the best food you'll ever eat. UGH- get in my belly!

The Bloggess is, as millions of people (LITERALLY) have attested, is REALLY funny. And guess what? She's from Texas! Her book, which I had the privilege of sneak-peeking at my internship, is as funny as her blog and it includes lots of stories about growing up in West Texas. If you're cheap and don't want to buy her book, at least visit her blog. Here is one of many beautiful nuggets:

It’s 2am and I’m only half awake because of all the sleeping pills but I just had a million dollar idea and if I put it on the internet no one can steal it, plus I’ll remember it in the morning. 
That is all.

Ha! See? I wasn't just blowing smoke. I thrive. If the New York Times says it, it is invariably true. This is a nice article, although it is a little bit snooty. It speaks the truth, though. It gives some good links for Texan-approved places in NYC. I'll be the judge of that. I also approve of anything that compares Louboutins with cowboy boots:

He guides me over the wooden floors to the shoe department (“The holiest of holies!”), where he pronounces Christian Louboutin’s red-soled architectural marvels to be the most Texan of footwear. “Animal hides! High heels!” he says. “They’re just like cowboy boots! Texas is the only place in the world where men’s footwear costs as much as women’s.”

That's all for now, little bitties. Coming soon: my trip to Boston!


  1. Well, I'm not Mama Brootiful, so I guess I fall into the second category of readers here....except I'm not mildly interested. I'm WILDLY interested!
    ha ha ha
    Kirsten, idea. You should bring back Reading Rainbow and be the new host. You like books and are really good at reading them, and you look super cute in colorful sweaters. Just an idea....think about it.

    I actually just started reading The Bloggess's new book, and I agree with you! So far it is hilariously awesome. Can't wait to hear about this trip to Boston! Go Little Bitty, go!!

    1. a) great pun.

  2. BTW I just had to try the "next blog" button, and this is what I got:

    Go look!

    1. I'm confused...but he does have a good title. I'm down for anything pudding-related.