Sunday, June 3, 2012

Little Bitty: Boston Edition

Hello, little bitties!!!! I apologize for my lack of posts. The end of the semester felt like a tornado of stress and things to do, but I successfully completed my third year at NYU! Now that things have slowed down a bit, I hope I can get back to posting more regularly.

Last time I promised you the deets of my trip to Boston! I went with two of my NYBFF's (New York Best Friends Forever), Megan and Brandon, to visit our other friend, Jaya! The four of us met last summer when we all did NYU's Writers in Paris program. Jaya goes to Wellesley College, so we thought springtime was the perfect time to escape New York for a weekend and go to the lush land of Wellesley!

We're in Boston!!
After picking us up from the bus station, Jaya (center) took us to eat the world's best ice cream (according to the New York Times, anyway)!
...and then I proceeded to get the world's best ice cream all over my face and hair. Here I am after attempting to get all the chocolate off.
Then we took the Peter Pan bus to Wellesley and ate a baguette...we miss Paris!
We also balanced coins on our's very difficult, you know.
That night, Jaya took us to Block Party. It's a giant dance party on Wellesley's quad thrown by all of Wellesley's societies. All of us NYU students were excited to do something that felt so much like a real college (which NYU most definitely is NOT). Can't you see the glee and bewilderment on Brandon's and my faces?
Bananaphones are the best and coolest form of communication.
My personal favorite banana variation: Banana King Tut.
Megan's sweater got stolen at Block Party, so we went to the Gap (one of the few shops in Wellesley, where there is also an artisan vinegar shop?). We also found some very strange and very entertaining fur... collars? Headbands? Scarves? Who knows.
Then we went back to Wellesley College and walked around the lake there! Lots of lovely scenery to take photos of.

Failed piggyback in the woods.
Jaya practicing planking's predecessor, horsemaning.
We found a great log/limb to sit on and dip our feet in the cold lake.

After a long day of hiking around Wellesley, Brandon gave us head massages that left our hair looking very silly.
The next day, we were going to go into Boston and explore, but it was POURING! Here we are looking very soaked (or, in Jaya's words, soggy), waiting for the commuter train to the bus stop. We were sad to part from our beloved Jaya!
It was a premium weekend! If only it could have been longer. It was great to get away from the concrete jungle from a couple of days and see some TREES!! It reminded me a bit of luscious East Texas. And Jaya was the best hostess we could have asked for! Hopefully I can go back again in the fall!

Special thanks to Brandon because I used some of his pictures.


  1. Thank you Kirsten for sharing the pictures with me and the writing. I could almost feel like I was there. Thanks.

  2. This little commentary was lovely, like having someone sit down with you and turn through the pages of a photo album.

  3. Looks like you guys had an amazing time!